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I often find myself, as I’m sure some of you do, questioning why I give so much support to others when I feel like others don’t show the same support in return - which leads me to this quote…

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’ - Brian Tracy

When I help someone, or just show support to them in any way, I don’t ask myself “What’s in it for me?” - I truly want to help that person in any way that I can achieve whatever the goal may be they’re trying to get to at that point. I believe in other people’s dreams probably just as much as I believe in my own. It’s a good trait and a bad trait to have. Good, because I want the people around me and my friends to be as successful as possible in life. Bad, because when they do reach their goal and take their success to the next level - there is always (especially being a girl) a hint of jealousy floating around thinking “When will it be MY time?..” I don’t really believe that’s me asking “What’s in it for me?” when I do something for someone - but rather wondering why the support continuously goes unreciprocated.

But, what happens when you’ve shown your support and given your help time and time again to the same people without seeing them give off any support to you when it’s your time and you’re in need of the same helping hand? That often leads me to resist helping those people, but somewhere along the line - I still genuinely WANT to help them, because I am a heavy believer in the dreams of others. I feel like as soon as people reach a higher level of success in which they no longer necessarily “need” the help to reach that next step, some of them tend to forget how many people’s support helped them get to where they are - and that will never be me.

Sometimes I search YouTube for people posting their very first video, or vlog. It inspires me to watch their video, leave them an encouraging comment and subscribe. If you’re a YouTuber, like myself, you definitely remember (no matter how many subscribers/views/fans you have now) how great it felt to get that very first subscriber, or that comment on your new video that made you feel uplifted and confirm that someone out there was watching and enjoying your content. It makes me feel good to be that person for someone else, who’s passions are probably very similar to mine.

I just felt like I needed to write this out, because I always find myself questioning why I go out of my way to help others and lift them up. My answer to myself is simply because it makes me happy to see others achieve their goals and rise to success, so I’ll forever continue to support the people I believe in. Although, I’ve learned that you can’t expect those same people to do the same for you, but somewhere out in the world - there are multiple people just like myself that will continue to support me and my dreams to help me grow - and those are the people that will find endless successes in their lives, as will I.

..and I’ll end this with a huge thank you to the people who continue to support me in my life. <3

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