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it doesn’t feel right at all


we’ve built a wall


holding hands we’ll fall

hands we’ll fall….

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You’ll never know!!! #FullscreenVidcon FEAR PONG!

Spent the day with my gorgeous wife @ginabonelli <3 So happy to have what we have & need nothing more. #thankful #smooch (at West Hollywood Park)

Finally got around to #TargetBalling! VLOG style. @target @culligan27

Tipsy last night drinking martinis & then this morning bed bombing us. Haha.

Baybee and I at our 1st Vidcon experience in 2011! #throwbackthursday #vidcon #youtube #youtubers @ginabonelli

Thanks @jiffywild for letting me interrupt to meet you & take a photo! #AnnoyingAce (at Hollywood Improv)


Going to start posting random facts, or stories, of the day (about us, or other topics) as suggested by #lovenugget Jayden Sky. Although I probably won’t stick to posting one every single day, cuz LESBEHONEST - I forget shit and/or run out of time. But, I’m down to try!

Today’s random fact is…. most people think me and Gina met online almost 12 years ago, but the truth is that we actually met on the phone!

At the ages of 14 (G) and 17 (Ace), we both had “online” girlfriends (this is the part I normally leave out of the story when I tell it, because I am embarrassed about being SUPER Catfish’d)! Moving on .. both of our online girlfriends knew each other and one day we all got on a 4-way phone conversation.

After a while, they both hung up and Gina and I stayed on the line talking to each other. I loved her voice. Then, I got hungry and she was literally attempting to order me a pizza from across the country. I knew I was in love. <3 

Needless to say, we both ended our online relationships soon thereafter and started one of our own together. Three years later we finally met in person and soon after that, I moved in with Gina when she graduated high school. The photo below is us in our very first apartment heading out to celebrate our first anniversary together.


.. and here we are still very much in love on year 11 (last year)..


.. and our 12 year anniversary photo is coming this August. Stay tuned.

I love our love story <3

xo, Ace

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